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The original Swedish Endorf® nail mat is the world's smallest "massage home studio" and delivers in an  almost brilliantly simple way relaxation and deep massage. Whether you seek for acupressure massage,  relaxing stone massage, professional home massage - the multitalented Endorf® nail mat  is a very versatile  do-it-yourself mobile massage device.  Perfectly suitable for professional use  10-15 minutes Endorf® Nail mat are an ideal preparation for a subsequent massage. The blood flow through  the muscles is increased, the muscles are warmed up when treatment begins, the treatment goes into the  depth right from the beginning:  "I frequently use the acupressure mat during my treatments. The combination of 15 min. on the nail mat, followed  by 30 minutes partial body massage is ideal! The blood flow of he muscles is increased by first lying on the nail  mat, which causes the muscles to be already warmed up when I start my treatment. This in turn means that I can  start the depth treatment much quicker. I have many customers who come back and appreciate the combination that  they first lie on the nail mat before getting a massage. I frequently use the acupressure mat for myself, because it is  a good way to calm down again, while I give myself an acupressure treatment after a hard day at work."  - Almund M., SE  Reflexology massage  Sitting at your desk, you can enjoy a penetrating foot massage, which, as  a pleasant side effect, stimulates the circulation and all the meridians and  keeps you wide-awake.  Deep relaxation  The nail mat is also used for pure relaxation. Put yourself out if you have   problems, want to get back to rest or when you feel stressed. Hardly any other fitness equipment or wellness device  has such a positive and far-reaching effect on skin, body, viscera and nervous system. Major meridians run  along the spine as well as the sympathetic and parasympathetic, which affect the autonomic nervous system  and the organs belonging to them positively. After a few minutes, an intense feeling of blood circulation in the  whole body comes up, and a feeling of heaviness, heat and intense relaxation in arms, legs and head,  similar to an osteopathic treatment or massage treatment. Stress - an overstimulation of the sympathetic - is  the main cause of illness and is degraded efficiently by the bed of nails. TCM therapists and massage  therapists appreciate the nail mat as a perfect complement to their work.  "I use the mat every day and it is absolutely fantastic. I think I am addicted. I mainly use it lying on my back on the  bed, placing one small piece at different places along the spine. The releases I get are amazing. I have given away  all the small pieces to my friends and they like it too. I think it is enough to use just a small simple piece. If it covers  a large area too I do not get the same effect. Thank you again for your wonderful product. "  - Mark C., SE Application  The nail mat gets you down to the task, there’s no such thing as reading a book, watching TV, let alone  sleeping. Rather: take a deep breath and dive straight into “here and now”. The Endorf® nail mat is a  modular system and can be lengthened or shortened as required. The effect may be dampened with fabric.  Height of the nails is 1.5 cm. The bed of nails can treat the entire back, due to its flexibility the neck,  shoulders, waist and buttocks can be targeted individually. The nails are rounded at the tips and can not  cause any injury. Place the Endorf® nail mat on the floor, a bed, sofa, or a massage table. Lie yourself at  least once a week, preferably daily 5-20 minutes on the nail mat. You set the intensity yourself, by  interposing a more or less thick towel. You can use the bed of nails every day. It has to be "pretty painful" to  achieve the right effect. The product comes with a detailed instruction manual.  Advantage of Endorf® nail mat mat over other acupressure mats (known as ”Yantra /  Shakti / Mandala mat” etc.)   1. Less is more! Other mats have thousands of tiny “dents”, the Endorf mat has 638 real  “nails” (with rounded tips).   2. Adjustable size: Easily extendable, modul number is adaptable to body size.  3. Ajustable strenght: You can rest with a t-shirt or towel on it without decreasing its  effectiveness. "Beginners" can adjust and increase the strength individually. The  competitor’s mats are effective only when naked.  4. Flexible as a whole and yet rigid and durable for a long lifespan.   5. It adapts even in heavily bended form (neck area) in every point to the body's  surface for optimum contact.  6. Can be divided into modules and be used by more than one person at a time.  7. Hygienic. Can be washed off easily without having to dry it thereafter. Will not hold bad  odour. Professional use: massagers can use a hygiene layer (towel) to avoide direct body contact to  the nail mat.  8. The nail mat stores very effectively (see right picture).  Warning People with sensitive skin should always be cautious and a towel or a T-shirt lay between them, when they  begin to use the bed of nails to prevent scabies. Persons with coagulation defects (blood diseases) or  persons with anticoagulants type lizard, anticoagulants such and heparin (blood thinning) under treatment  are not intended to use the nail mat, since there is a huge risk of subcutaneous bleeding and bruises. People  with difficult allergic back eczema and psoriasis with general people should be very careful, always use a  towel and shorter than originally recommended to the nail mat, in order to find themselves the optimal  treatment time. People with large skin lesions on the back should not use the nail mat.  Technical data Number of nails: 638 (27 nails / dm2)  Weight: 920 g  Size: 62 x 40 cm (24 x 15.5 inch)  Material: PE Plastic, 100% recyclable  Delivery content: One header piece with a handle and 10  additional sections. Available in three colours. 
the world’s premier nail mat ®
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Comments and compliments from our users: •	”brilliant design” •	”nice colors” •	”gentle and tuff, this suits the whole family” •	”we will start recommending this mat at our clinic” •	”at last - a hygienic mat” •	-”being able to adjust the length is a great feature”